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We Hate Cold Brew
we hate TRADITIONAL cold brew

Cold Brew takes forever to make.  What is there to like about a drink that takes up to 24 hours to make?  For coffee shops, this means pretty accurate inventory forecasting.  For home brewers this means deciding you're thirsty for cold brew a day in advance.  

Cold brew can be a mess.  Filtering off coffee grounds that have steeped overnight is a messy business.  Cheesecloth, paper filters, stainless screens. . . .  Bottom line is that for all, it is an absolute nightmare of cleaning and waiting for the liquid to escape the sludge.

100% Cold Brewing limits flavor potential.  We think cold brew punches you in the face with a middle of the tongue narrow band of flavor.  It can taste oxidized, sometimes sour, sometimes bitter.  We are not a fan of most cold brews.

There has to be a better way. . .

We Love Cold Pour

we jazzed up cold brew. 

Jazz is all about doing music different, breaking rules and being original.  We didn't like traditional cold brew, so we fixed it through innovation, doing things our way.  Blue Jazz Cold Pour is our original composition, a new way to make cold brew on demand, in just minutes!  It consists of hot blooming the coffee, followed by an icy cold shock and rinse phase.  The resulting cold brew is naturally sweet, and represents a full spectrum of coffee flavors, from the low notes, to the crisp high delicate bright flavors and everything in between.  

We have instructions available for batch brews of 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon and 2 gallon when you expect a lot of consumption.  These batch sizes are great for family get togethers, wedding receptions, parties, and commercial use in offices, coffee shops and restaurants.

We've made cold brew easy enough for everyone to get in on the fun.  All you need is an inexpensive brewing kit and some freshly roasted coffee that we have specially formulated for the Cold Pour brewing method.



Blue Jazz Coffee Roasters

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Topeka, KS 66619

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